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Its actually very funny what they put in the newspaper.
Now im confused as to why a seasoned sheriff became prey to a fugitive thief.
OR is leeteuk really enrique lopez- which would really complicate everything else since he was supposed to be shot, not incarcerated.ㅋㅋㅋ
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This song is dedicated to Kelly

“Is that Etude of Memories you’re humming?” I hear him say.

Today will be all microscope work for science lab.  Our task was to draw actual slides on the stages of development of various microorganisms.  Since not enough microscopes were available, we had to share with our lab partner. My lab partner is Jungsu, my seatmate and secret crush.

 “Is that Etude of Memories you’re humming?” Jungsu asks again.

 “Yeah, you know it?” I answered as I mounted the first slide for us to draw.

 “Know it? I love it! I want to sing it. Let’s sing it.” He cheerfully suggests.

 “Go on right ahead. Just keep it down.  We don’t want to disturb the others.” I started drawing.

 “Sing it with me.  I… I don’t know the lyrics.”

 “What? But you said you love the song.”  I countered in total bafflement.

 “Yeah, but I don’t know all the lines. Just feed me the lines and I’ll sing it. Pleassseeee!” He insisted.

 Bringing my eyes to meet his, I intended to say no but the moment I saw those pleading orbs of brown, I knew I was doomed to say…. “Fine, I’ll do it!”


I intoned the first lines. Jungsu turns his head and brings his face closer to mine.  My lips almost grazing his ear.  I feel a blush creep up my cheeks.  Thank goodness his eyes were averted. 


버틸 수


 휑한 웃음으로 내 어깨에 기대어

 눈을 감았지만

You say you can’t last any longer

With an empty smile, you lean on my shoulders

Though the eyes are shut

이젠 말할 수 있는 걸

 너의 슬픈 눈빛이

나의 마음을

 아프게 하는 걸

 That you can say it now

That your sad eyes

hurt my heart

Jungsu would sing those lines back to me with such sweet fervor in his voice.  Resisting the urge to just gawk at him was proving to be a trial of epic proportions.  I failed a time or two and sneak a peek at him.  His dimple would suddenly appear and I snap back to work.

나에게 말해봐

 Tell me 

너의 마음속으로 들어가

볼 수만 있다면

 철없던 나의 모습이

얼만큼 의미가 될 수 있는지

 If I can just enter your heart

How much meaning can the childish me become of?

많은 날이 지나고

 나의 마음 지쳐갈 때

 내 마음속으로

 스러져가는 너의 기억이

 다시 찾아와

As many days go by

When my heart becomes worn out

Inside my heart

The vanishing memories of you come find me again


We take turns on drawing and viewing the microscope.  My illustrations only vaguely resemble those that were on the actual slides.  How hard it was focus on my works of art when my fingers would occasionally brush up against his - being we were working so close.   Not to mention the fact that I was recalling lyrics from a love song and dictating them to the one I want to dedicate it to. 



너무 커버린 미래의

그 꿈들 속으로

잊혀져 가는 너의 기억이

다시 생각날까?

 I will remember them, won’t I?

Inside those dreams of the future that have grown too

The fading memories of you

Will I remember them again?

너의 마음속으로

들어가 볼 수만 있다면

철없던 나의 모습이

얼만큼 의미가 될 수 있는지

If I can just enter your heart

How much meaning can the childish me become of?

Setting up the next slide on the optical stage, I turn to him and caught Jungsu staring at me.  I froze yet kept on feeding him the lyrics. 


많은 날이 지나고

나의 마음 지쳐갈 

내 마음속으로

스러져가는 너의 기억이

다시 찾아와

 As many days go by

When my heart becomes worn out

Inside my heart

The vanishing memories of you come find me again

I held his gaze as I said the lines.  He echoes those words to me.  It felt like a vow.  A benediction.  A serenade.

생각이 나겠지

 너무 커버린 내 미래의 그 꿈들 속으로

 그 속으로 

I will remember them, won’t I?

Inside those dreams of the future that have grown too

Inside those dreams

Towards you

Our faces were so close, I could feel his breath touch my lips. How am I still alive?

…… 너에게

He ends his song.  I could feel my face was burning.  I ducked my head and started writing.

“Thank you for that.”  Jungsu says.

 “You know what, let me just write the lyrics of this song so next time you won’t need me to dictate for you.” I said as I furiously scribble on a blank sheet of paper. He halts my hand.

 “No need.  I know that song by heart.” He replied.

 I look at him, confused.

 “Then what did you need me for?” looking at him askance.

“I just wanted to hear your voice, saying those words, thinking that you’re dedicating them to me as I serenade you.” He confesses.

 “Serenade me, why ever for?” I whisper.

 “Isn’t that the thing to do when you woo a lady?” He whispers back.

 He never did let go of my writing hand.

For Yasha! Uhm … Hee

Christine :  Hey, pay attention guys! It’ll be Yasha’s turn to present her report.

 Jungsu :  Let’s all wish her good luck.

 All  :  Good luck Yasha!

 Heechul  :  *shrugs*

 Kelly  :  Do a good job, ok!

 Yasha  :  Thanks everyone, I’ll do my best.

Hyukjae :  She’s up.  You all know what that means…. Group exchange knowing glances.  After a few minutes, Yasha wraps up her report and prepares for panel questions.

Kelly :  I counted 13 uhms.

Christine :  I got only 12, aish!  I think I’m going deaf.

Hyukjae :  No, she said 14 uhms.  Can’t you guys count that nervous habit of hers correctly?

 Jungsu :  Wrong! She said 15 uhms during the entire report.

 Hyukjae :  No she did not!

 Jungsu :  15 uhms.  I listened, you know.

 Kelly :  I can’t have missed that many. 

 Heechul  :  EIGHTEEN.

 All :  Huh?!?!?!

 Heechul :  She said 2 consecutive uhms immediately after saying “Good morning” and another uhm when she tucked her veil when she turned to backtrack on her final slide.

 All :  *stunned*

Professor :  Well done Yasha. Now, does anyone have a question for Yasha?

 Heechul :  I do!                              

Hee stands.

Heechul :  You said that in further study is needed to effectively and safely use these innovations for daily use.

 Yasha :  Yes. 

 Heechul :  My question is -   Will you be my girlfriend?

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